In 2011 Insurance Technology Solutions was founded by Insurance and Technology experts to expand the possibilities of maximizing Internet functionality and automation of insurance processes.

  1. ITS solutions have been built from completely new (non-legacy) technology using “Blue Ocean” strategy to unlock the total power of today’s technology for Property and Casualty Insurers.
  2. Our focus has been laser guided towards allowing the absolute quickest time to market, the unsurpassed best experience for Customers through Reinsurers and every stakeholder in the P&C broker distribution vertical channel.
  3. Our strengths are thoroughly understanding the P&C insurance industry completely and using technology to automate our clients to make them the best performing insurers, MGA’s and reinsurers in the industry.
  4. We do this through our unique process to allow their broker partners and the entire value chain to provide the absolute unparalleled customer service increasing sales while dramatically reducing costs. In most cases, our clients can have their brokers issue policies instantly; dramatically increasing their hit ratios for every stakeholder’s growth and profitability.