BindEasy is a secure and robust web based automated underwriting system. With the following features:

  • Automate Underwriting

    BindEasy automates the underwriting process as desired, dramatically improving underwriting performance!

    • Completely automate the underwriting process from initial application to policy issuance. Absolutely no human touch required. The entire transaction can take place in as little as 1 minute.
    • Intervene when a question in the application creates an underwriting referral and immediately alerts an underwriter to process the referral. This allows an underwriter to change price, coverage, ask more questions or approve the transaction within minutes.
    • Policy changes are a snap, all handled automatically! As are renewals.
    • Underwriting Errors are a thing of the past as all rules and rates are contained within the system ensuring no bad “Monday” or “Friday” policies, eliminating rating mistakes, ensuring adherence to underwriting guidelines and absolutely staying within binding authorities.
    • Your rates and rules ALWAYS match any filed rates and rules because BindEasy will produce your filing for you.
    • Data is entered once from initial submission to issued paperless policy.
    • Brokers love the ease of dealing with our clients who use BindEasy.
  • Robust Traditional Policy Administration System features such as :

    • Underwriting workflow automation allows your underwriters to have information and be able to make decisions in real time when they need to. No longer are underwriters mired in “paperwork”
    • Full functioning rating engine that allows for real time quoting and rules based decision making. There is no need for manual calculations. At any point an underwriter is able to intervene and manually override premiums, coverages or deductibles as need dictates.
    • Automatically generated bordereaux reports in the format desired.
  • Automated Document Processing

    • Automatically assembles your custom policy & supporting documents instantly in a format that is friendly to all users, supporting viewing from any mobile device.
    • All documents are instantly converted to pdf and can be saved, printed or emailed as desired.
    • Every policy changed is documented by who made the change, when the change occurred and held in history literally forever.
    • All supporting documentation (valuation documents, schedules, pictures, applications, ancillary reports) are held with the policy in electronic format.
  • Ease of Use

    BindEasy was designed to provide brokers an optimal selling experience and their clients a superior insurance sales process. Give brokers tools to write YOUR business and save them money!

  • Full Featured User Portals

    • Through BindEasy your brokers can access their policy information, quote on new and renewal business, issue policies and create policy amendments; all within minutes!
    • Underwriters will be able to make real time decisions and have all of the pertinent underwriting information at their fingertips
    • Claims adjusters can easily see all of the necessary policy documents and underlying underwriting information. Claims can be recorded against the policy and give feedback to the underwriter for future consideration.
    • Reinsurers are able to get their reports automatically at the close of month end. No double entry and reinsurers can also have access to their data in real time. This is a true break through.
    • Insureds and potential insureds are able to self-serve, write new business, request policy change as well as renew through their own portal.
  • Mobility

    BindEasy was built with today’s latest technology and is completely mobile and can be used through any Android, Microsoft or Apple tablet with a browser and connected to the internet.

  • Advanced Security Model

    Full Federated security model allows user controlled security (brokers control their own access and insurers control theirs). Every change a user makes in the system is logged and can never be erased. Your data, your broker’s data, and the client’s data is fully secured behind state-of-the-art physical infrastructure protection and robust “defense in depth” software protection.