Insimfini has all of the great features of BindEasy, with one notable exception. Insimfini allows brokers to offer their clients multiple product offerings from multiple Insurers in a true on-line real time trading environment.

Insimfini is for very large brokers or group of brokers or associations who want to have the power of point of sale quote and issue with their insurance partners. Up to now traditional work flows have dominated the entire insurance vertical. Brokers choice of technology was basically limited to their Broker Management System. Insimfini is a complete game changer by allowing brokers to quote multiple companies, issue policies, make policy changes and do policy enquiry in real time. Even more amazing is that this can be done from any mobile device connected to the Internet.

How can this be done? Insimfini combines a sophisticated and highly secure on-line insurance platform that will allow Insurers to put their rates, wordings and rules into specific Product Definition Templates (PDT) that actually remain the intellectual property and within the control of the Insurance Company to change/alter/stop anytime in a version controlled environment. These PDTs work within Insimfini insurance platform where the rating engine, document processing and reporting is all handled. The Insimfini broker interface allows a multitude of brokers to access these PDTs but still keep business rules as they are:

  • Brokers can only get quotes and issue policies for Insurers they were approved by
  • Insurers can approve or deny any broker who requests access

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  • Multiple Carriers Multiple Quotes

    Insimfini is a true Insurance trading platform that enables brokers to offer instant multiple quotes to their clients from many insurers. Only one simple online application needs to be completed. From that simple application, most take only a minute or two to complete, the broker can present multiple quotes from multiple carriers. Once one of those quotes has been accepted, without any further intervention, the policy documents can be issued instantly.

    During the process, for more complex risks, any quote can be referred to an underwriter for further consideration in a real time collaborative environment. These referrals can be completed in minutes most often and returned to the broker for further consideration and to allow for policies to be instantly issued.

    Insimfini is insurance in harmony!

  • Robust Traditional Policy Administration System

    Insurers can rely on the robust nature of the BindEasy policy administration system to deliver their products with all of their rules, rates and wordings in real time. If an underwriting rule were to create a referral, that happens in real time and will automatically notify the underwriter of a referral.

  • Automated Document Processing

    Automatically assembles your custom policy & supporting documents instantly in a format that is friendly to all users, supporting viewing from any mobile device.

    All documents are instantly converted to pdf and can be saved, printed or emailed as desired.

    Every policy changed is documented by who made the change, when the change occurred and held in history literally forever.

    All supporting documentation (valuation documents, schedules, pictures, applications, ancillary reports) are held with the policy in electronic format.

  • Ease of Use

    Insimfini was designed to provide P&C Insurance brokers an optimal selling experience and their clients a superior insurance sales process. Using the latest technology, insurance clients can now have sales experiences provided by other industries.

  • Full Featured User Portals

    Through Insimfini brokers can access their policy information, quote on new and renewal business, issue policies and create policy amendments; all within minutes!

    Underwriters will be able to make real time decisions and have all of the pertinent underwriting information at their fingertips

    Claims adjusters can easily see all of the necessary policy documents and underlying underwriting information. Claims can be recorded against the policy and give feedback to the underwriter for future consideration.

    Reinsurers are able to get their reports automatically at the close of month end. No double entry and reinsurers can also have access to their data in real time. This is a true break through.

    Insureds and potential insureds are able to self-serve, write new business, request policy change as well as renew through their own portal.

  • Mobility

    Insimfini was built with today’s latest technology and is completely mobile and can be used through any Android, Microsoft or Apple tablet with a browser and connected to the internet.

  • Advanced Security Model

    Full Federated security model allows user controlled security (brokers control their own access and insurers control theirs). Every change a user makes in the system is logged and can never be erased. Your data, your broker’s data, and the client’s data is fully secured behind state-of-the-art physical infrastructure protection and robust “defense in depth” software protection.