There are so many new and old technology solutions for P&C Insurers that exploring those options almost feels like “drinking from a fire hose” . We have been working with insurance and technology for over a combined 60 years. If you need  a little or a lot of guidance, assistance or both, please consider giving us a call to discuss your situation and see how we may be able to help you.

  • Strategic Technology Decision

    Deciding to adopt new technology or making a strategic technology investment? We can help you with an exploratory workshop, business case assistance, technology landscape analysis or general guidance with ensuring that your technology investment is wisely spent for the greatest benefit to your organization.

  • Project Assistance

    Many times, much more than anyone would want, insurance technology projects run into unexpected issues; scope creep, funding gaps, cost overruns, missed deadlines or milestones and other unexpected surprises. Insurance Technology Solutions has the experience to assist you through these issues and get you on the right path from Project Management to Insurance Business Knowledge to Technology Expertise.

  • Post Mortem

    Too late for saving, a decision has to be made on how to unravel the current state and ensure the most that can be made of the sunk costs can be turned into a positive. Insurance Technology Solutions can help unravel the issues, bring new light to the situation and help solve the original business problem that the technology was supposed to solve.